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13 Best marathons around the world

Several of the thrilling marathon events now available around the world include running along the glistening Arctic tundra in Greenland, jogging across several African savannah, and racing via Amazon. An increasing number of endurance sports offer a spectacular change in scenery and speed, from coastal pathways in Jamaica and California to intimidating courses in the scorching Sahara and chilling Polar Sphere. Continue reading for our list of the best marathons in the world.

Marathon Race

Boston Marathon, In USA

Marathon Monday in Boston embodies the power, stamina, and wish of runners (as well as an entire region). Regardless of the horrendous bomb attacks at the 2013 race, over 30,000 vicious elite runners (and 500,000 devoted spectators) continue to savor the world ‘s earliest known contentious marathon and its iconic course — from the beginning in Hopkinton to the challenging Heartbreak Mountain to the exciting end on Boylston Street.

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New York City Marathon, In USA

Be a member of 26.2 of history’s most coveted miles at the globe’s most famous and biggest marathon. With over 50,000 runners (along with 2014 Boston Marathon title holder Meb Keflezighi) will track down their ambitions despite the thronging activity of the Big Apple’s 5 areas of the city, from Sinatra’s signature “New York, New York” initiating of the race give to the world-famous Central Park end line.

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Chicago Marathon, In USA

The Chicago Marathon is an annual marathon (long-distance running race) organized in Chicago, Illinois. It is among the globe’s 6 major marathons. As a result, it is a Big Sporting Label Time Trial. The Chicago Marathon is the world’s fourth-largest race in terms of finishers.

The marathon course is a trail that begins and ends at Grant Park. The main route then passes via 29 of the town’s neighborhoods. The course loop is divided into three parts north, west, and south. 3 of the town’s main sports arenas are next to the course’s turning points in all of these parts: Wrigley Field towards the north, the United Hub to the west, and Regular Rate Sector to the south. Soldier Field, the town’s 4th reputable stadium, is situated near the beginning line.

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London Marathon, In UK

The London Marathon, like several amazing ideas, began over some cans of beer at a bar. Nowadays, 35 years after the first race, it is a cherished cornerstone among the Globe Marathon Majors. The plain and quick course hasn’t modified much. And over 35,000 participants will roam alongside the River Thames, traverse Tower Bridge, and see views like Big Ben and Buckingham Place — all while being cheered on by a number of the nicest fans on the planet.

The course starts at three different locations: the ‘red start’ on Charlton Way in southern Greenwich Park, the ‘green start’ in St John’s Park, and the ‘blue start’ on Shooter’s Hill Road. The pathway heads east via Charlton among these positions around Blackheath, which are 35 meters (115 feet) above sea level and south of the River Thames. The 3 courses meet after 4.5 kilometers (2.8 miles) in Woolwich, near the Royal Artillery Barracks.

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Berlin Marathon, In Germany

Want to improve your Publicity? Do it at one of the world’s greatest marathons (with 40,000 of your closest friends). The World Marathon Main race is so swift that Wilson Kipsang of Kenya established a world record of 2:03:23 in 2013. The pancake flat roadways, curvy turns, and 80 rock artists should assist you push your fastest time.

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Tokyo Marathon, In Japan

Since its inception in 2007, the World Marathon Main race has been equated with first-rate organization. The temperatures may be cool on the largely flat, urban course, however the unconditional support of 10,000 volunteers (dubbed TEAM SMILE) and the exuberance of 1.6 million viewers (who hand out everything from sweets to veggies!) establish a marathon that is warm and friendly to 36,000 runners from all over the world.

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International Marathon Of Marrakech, In Morocco

An yearly marathon is held in Marrakech, Morocco, called the Marrakech Marathon. Every year, about 5000 runners participate in the race.

When the race was first held in 1987, French sprinter Jacques Boxberger took first place in the men’s final. Moroccan runner Nadia Colombero, then 14 years old, took first place in the women’s race, becoming one of the youngest people to win a marathon at the global arena.

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Great Wall Marathon, in China

You guessed it – the Great Wall Marathon travels all along Great Wall of China, east of Beijing. Anticipate rippling trails, sharp climbs, and enormous staircases totaling 5,164 stages in this amazing race, so don’t look forward for a career high. In fact, the ordinary runner needs twice as long to accomplish it as usual because of the vast level of abseiling involved. Fortunately, the spectators and breathtaking views constitute for the difficult slog.

The strenuous heat and humidity, the demanding ascents, and the spectacular view of the Great Wall weaving along the countryside are all combined. However, many contestants claim that what stays with you for a long time is the peek into the nearby remote towns (and their lively spectators).

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Big Five Marathon, In South Africa

Only this trek marathon travels directly through the heart of the African savannah, with all of its biodiversity, despite the fact that there are many famed South African races, such as the legendary Comrades and Two Oceans ultra marathons! Along the challenging, mountainous, safari-like course, there are no fences, obstacles, or other barriers between runners and the animals, rhinos, buffalo, big cats, and cheetahs. That can help you stay active.

Lagoons, grazing wildlife, and bumpy hills are all passed by sandy treks and dirt roads. A portion of the course perhaps travels through lion country, where the possibility of seeing a big cat may encourage some sprinters to run faster.

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Patagonian International Marathon, In Chile

The Torres del Paine National Park in Chilean Patagonia is the setting for the Patagonian Worldwide Marathon, a running trails competition.

The route’s layout has changed quite a bit over the years, but the charm of running in Patagonia and the exploration of battling a fickle, and occasionally even hostile, climate still remain at the heart of the competition. You are encouraged here irrespective of whether you’re a supporter or an elite runner!

Despite the fact that it is in its 7th year, this global race has already had a significant impact. The environmentally friendly race puts you in proximity to nature as you move iridescent lagoons and waterfalls that cascade down cliffs in picture-perfect settings. There are no winners, but as part of the Corre y Reforesta Advert, the race plants a tree in memory of each of the 1,000 runners who complete the challenging mountain course in Torres del Paine National Park.

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Midnight Sun Marathon, In Norway

Run in the land of perpetual light. In June, Troms, Norway, rejoices in unending Scandinavian sunlight, so it only makes sense that a marathon would be held to commemorate the not-quite-twilight hours. The race starts at 8.30 p.m., hugging the lovely waterfront of the city, and the majority of participants return at 12 a.m. in glorious sunshine. You’d be hard-pressed to find a marathon to a more scenic backdrop than one with views of frost mountains and glimmering waters. Though that doesn’t draw as many spectators as races in major cities, you’ll still find plenty of cheering locals. You’ll would like to party until the wee hours of the morning (in the sunshine) to celebrate this strange and wonderful encounter.

Since the sun have not ever sets throughout the northern race around the world, bring your favorite sunglasses. In the summer, there is always light, so this unusual afternoon marathon can begin at 8:30 p.m. Yes, you may have to endure the possibility of cold temps and endure a few trips across the taxing Bridge of Troms, but there’s also a chance you’ll see some polar bears camped out in the snow – capped mountains.

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Kilimanjaro Marathon, In Tanzania

In this 16th annual marathon, you won’t usually ascend Mount Kilimanjaro. Put that off until later! The 6,500 participants in the race, many of whom are locals, will be dwarfed by the highest cantilevered mountain on earth. The charm of “Kill,” its floral, green surroundings, and the enthusiasm of the nearby villagers enable racers coast into the steep finish despite the hot temperatures and challenging slope at the half way mark.

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Islandsbanki Reykjavik Marathon, In Iceland

It’s true that this scenic route via Iceland’s capital city feels like a sigh of relief. Hot thermal springs in the region produce one of the world’s purest air. Take all of it in and embark on a magical journey with nearly 1,000 other runners through the busy city streets, past the scenic Tjörnin Pond, snow-capped mountains, ice caps, waterfalls, and forests.

The marathon course has a total ascent of only 174 meters. Although some of the trail, particularly along the sea shore and salmon river, is run on routes, the majority of the race begins on city streets.

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