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21 Best running songs 

It is well known that music inspires movement and because of this, we believe that listening to music can improve our running performance, improve our physical health and enhance our mental wellness. Music helps us to beat our own personal records and overcome any barriers formulated by our mindset. 

We often find it difficult to keep pushing and maintain our pace when running. We hope that this list of 21 songs that we compiled will help keep us motivated to stay the course, especially when we are preparing for competitions or during the times when we feel like giving up. 

Running Music

1. Survivor – Eye Of The Tiger  

This masterpiece is characterized by a very quick beat that helps us maintain an upbeat tempo when running. Written in 1982, the track was designed to be the theme song of Rocky (3) starring Sylvester Stallone. Whether we play it at the beginning or end of running, this song is sure to keep you motivated. 

2. Beastie Boys – Sabotage 

Led by Ad Rock, the song features rock instrumentation. The Beastie Boys yelling voices get us into an upbeat mood and pushes us to increase our pace and improve our performance. The song has been featured in the 2009 Star Trek movie. This son is one that many runners would put on repeat. 

3. Pink Floyd – Run Like Hell  

It is not just the title of this song that lands it on our best running songs but the rhythm that perfectly matches our running pace. The best effect is generated when the song is played in the last third of the race. This 1980 hit is the last song by Pink Floyd alongside Waters, Richard Wright, Nick Mason and Gilmour. 

4. Eminem – Lose Yourself

Used as a movie theme song, Eminem portrays the character of a rapper’s struggle with anxiety in order to achieve his ambitions. This aggression filled track will inspire you to grow and push beyond your personal limits. 

We as runners always strive to beat world records and set new ones. This song is the ideal motivation boost to achieving this. 

5. Motörhead – Aces Of Spades

This is the fourth album produced by the Motörhead band. Under producer Vic Maile the band manages to craft a heavy metal masterpiece that we are sure to enjoy when running or working out. 

6. Foo Fighters – All My Life 

This is the track to play when you do not feel like running. All my life has a pace that keeps building up and worth listening to for every runner. We hope this Grammy award winning track will help push you towards building a greater running routine and career. 

This song is officially credited to Dave Grohl, Nate Mendel, Taylor Hawkins and Chriss Shifflet. It is a definite hit for every runner and guaranteed to get us sweating and running faster. 

7. WhoRun Run Run 

Listening to Keith Moon drumming makes it impossible for anyone to not feel the energy being transferred to them. The energy that reverberates throughout this song has us running quicker and adding a spring to our pace. This rock band will leave you feeling re-energized and committed to breaking barriers when running. 

8. Bruce Springsteen – Born To Run

Born to Run is the first song in Bruce’s third album that is aptly named Born to run. It takes on the story of a guy who is stuck in traffic and trying to woo a girl, Wendy, who is not at all interested. 

His state of mind could be compared to that of a runner just before he gains momentum and the pressure kicks in.  An upbeat tune that is able to motivate every runner to keep pushing to be the best. 

9. Sinkane – Runnin

Sinkane is a Sudanese American musician who combines several genres within his songs. The track is upbeat and ensures you maintain stamina throughout your workout. This song is practical for both joggers and runners and has earned its place on every runner’s playlist. 

10. Vince Dicola – Up The Mountain 

This song is featured in one of the Rocky movies and steals the show compared to other songs in the movie. This song is the 6th single from his album When Love Finds You. It is the perfect song for us runners especially when we are training for long-distance races. 

11. Michael Jackson – Beat It 

We all need to have a place for this 1983 hit song on our playlist. This track saw Michael win a Grammy. The song explains Michael’s abhorrence of all acts of violence. The song heavily relies on the rock genre creating a great tempo for every runner during workouts. 

12. Imagine Dragons – Believer 

Composed by a group of 6 singers, Believer is a song that expresses the pain that we may go through in life. The song is based on the rock genre and the track’s beats per minute make for a very great running song. We recommend this song to all whether a runner or not. 

13. Jay-Z And Linkin Park – Numb/Encore

A combination of both the hip hop and rock genres has made Numb/Encore a great running song. Regardless of whether you are a hip hop or rock fan the song’s tempo is sure to get us running faster and achieving our fitness and performance goals. 

14. Rage Against The Machine – Testify 

Testify is produced by an American rock band and is the third single in their third album. Tom Morello‘s guitar prowess will have any runner enjoying the beat while Zack’s chants will have you motivated to start running. This hit song is sure to stay on repeat on a runner’s playlist. 

15. Van Halen – Runnin’ With The Devil  

Sung by the American hard rock band Van Halen, this song is rich in great vocals. The music follows the rhythm very smoothly and showcases great music skills. We recommend this song to every run. It will get us up and running, inspired to build a great lifestyle and career. 

16. Rush – Marathon

Featured in the album Power window, the 11th album from the Canadian-based band Rush, this song speaks about our goals and our struggle to achieve them. With a tempo of over 150 beats per minute this song holds a great tempo which helps us to build and increase our pace when running. A true inspiration for all runners. 

17. Cake – The Distance

This song was released in 1996. It tells the story of a race car driver who tirelessly works and races to secure a win. The song bears close similarity to the struggles we face as runners when competing in a race. 

John McCrea opens this song in a beautiful deadpan manner that is perfect for the start of any race. Brown’s mastering of the guitar sets a great tempo for runners. It is especially great when we are training for long-distance races. 

18. Kanye West – Stronger  

This song is featured in Ye’s album graduation which was produced in 2007. The song combines both hip hop and rap, the song is sampled from Daft Punk’s music duo. 

Stronger is an inspiring song that emphasizes the message that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. It motivates runners to go harder and train better in the pursuit of excellence despite the many obstacles that they may come across. 

19. Girlschool  – Race With The Devil

This song has 170 beats per minute and runs for a period of 3 minutes. It draws very high energy and we highly recommend it as a running song. Sang and produced by a heavy metal band, this track has great sound quality and provides an easy but upbeat melody that is great for running. 

20. Led Zepelin – Ramble On 

This song features a moderate tempo with the start of the song characterized by the playing of an acoustic and bass guitar. 

Robert Plant starts off the song on a soft note and continuously alternates between the high and low notes. The song’s chorus is very energetic and is sure to provide great motivation when running. 

21. Journey – Don’t Stop Believin’

Produced by the American band Journey, this song became a global hit in 1981. It features an upbeat tempo of 118 beats per minute which makes the song great for running. It features a true story of hope which runners need to find joy in running and remain inspired to achieve better when seeking to optimize their performance. 

Bottom Line 

It is essential that we runners create a playlist for running. It helps to ensure that when we feel a sense of defeat or have no motivation to run, we get our bodies to fight off the lack of aspiration, get up on our feet and be able to engage in this running activity which helps us create a healthy lifestyle. 

We have ensured that this list is diverse and rich in musical prowess. Whether you are an amateur, experienced athlete, or fitness enthusiast, these combinations of songs are sure to create a powerful playlist for runners. 

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