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12 Best triathlons around the world

The variety of beauty and experiences that triathlon offers are unmatched by every other sport. Triathlons give the opportunity to race through the best that the world offers, from viciously high mountainous terrain to picturesque turquoise seas and from cruelly cold glacial lakes to portrait tropical terrains.

Here is a list of some best triathlons around the world.

Best Triathlon Races

Escape From Alcatraz Triathlon, In USA

A race that began in the early days of the sport takes place against a legendary and iconic backdrop.

The race can be started by jumping off a boat off the island rather than actually making your way out of the notorious prison. You limber up once more with a half-mile run to change before cycling a winding route around the iconic Presidio Park after swimming across San Francisco Bay with the majestic Golden Gate Bridge towering above. Then there is the 400-step sand column hike through the dunes on the road ride to Baker Beach Battery, which is an interesting feature.

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Zalaris Norseman Xtreme Triathlon, In Norway

It was intended to “let the expertise be more essential than the end date” when organizing what some contend to be the world’s hardest triathlon. The idea of time itself might seem like a bourgeois pleasantry by the moment you have hiked 5,235m on foot and by bike, numerous hours after leaping off a car boat trip into water that is 13 ℃. The course is difficult, so you must bring your own security team with you as you start the final 4.7 km of trails up Mount Gaustatoppen, in case everything becomes excessive. The scenery is stunning, but the course is also challenging.

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Ironman 70.3 Hawaii, In Hawaii

You can experience the full distance Ironman World Championships course at this triathlon without having to meet the qualifying standards (or double down on the yards). The event is difficult because there is a lot of climbing associated, and the intense heat and moisture in Hawaii make it even harder.

The venue is without a doubt the highlight of this event. With sea creatures and dolphins in the water, volcanism, and tropical rain forests on the land, Hawaii provides some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. All of this will be available to you as you work hard to reach the finish line, where you will be greeted with enthusiasm by the crowd and the race directors.

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Ironman Frankfurt, In Germany

The location for the year’s biggest triathlon competition is Frankfurt am Main, Germany’s urban play areas on the banks of the River system. Age groupers compete against the best professional male and female athletes around the globe on a course that highlights the area’s historic Römerberg finish and historic sites.

Frankfurt is renowned for its stunning pavilion completion in the picturesque old town square and for the throngs of spectators that gather around the four-lap course. It provides 75 spots for the Worlds in Hawaii and serves as the IRONMAN European Championship. Before the two-loop, mountainous bike course via Frankfurt and the nearby villages, which is restricted to traffic, there is a two-lap swim in the Langener Waldsee. With 4 quick laps and a large crowd cheering you on, the run provides an opportunity to set a personal best.

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Alaskaman Extreme Triathlon, In USA

2020 will mark The Alaskaman’s fourth running, but it’s developing rapidly a well-deserved prestige as a challenging addition to the schedule. Apart from from the water’s 10 °C temperature, the 3,350m of hiking, and the rocky, hilly terrain scenic views, contestants are cautioned: “You might have an opportunity to see a bear in Alaska. Even if you wouldn’t, you will always be close to one,” which, based on your perspective, may sound interesting or scary. Another one requires you to bring your own support team because it is so difficult. Finishers receive a traditional Inuit Ulu knife as their prize.

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Subaru Ironman Canada, In Canada

Simply relaxing while taking in the scenic views. Well, perhaps not exactly sitting back, but acknowledging that it’s a difficult old course and taking in the breathtaking scenery.

IRONMAN Canada, the most challenging IRONMAN-branded races, is heading back to its previous location of Penticton after spending 7 years in Whistler. It offers a combination of stunning big-country landscapes and a profound sense of accomplishment. The swim is in the 232-meter-deep Okanagan Lake, and the single-loop road ride includes the spectacular native wine country and a challenging 7-kilometer ascent up and above Richter Pass. The final leg of the competition is a marathon through Penticton and the nearby areas that follows a portion of the course’s original route.

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London Triathlon, In UK

Best for: The wide range of lengths and urban sound and sights.

Over 11,000 athletes compete in London’s numerous individual and transmission races around the city’s iconic sites. Based on distance you select, all swim events occur in the Royal Victoria Dock before the bike routes cross diverse urban landmarks. For example, if you compete in an Olympic long race on Sunday, you’ll be pedaling out to Embankment and moving Tower Bridge and St. Paul’s. If you feel like you need more than one triathlon per weekend, you can take on the Weekend Warrior task, in which the winner is the individual who accomplishes the longest distance over all of the races. The present record is 246 kilometers. Good fortune.

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HimalayanXtri, In Nepal

HimalayanXtri is a remarkable severe triathlon which will carry you on a breathtaking 222-kilometer journey, passing by the highest triathlon finish line in the globe at 4,000 meters. In the end, this is Nepal!

Both Buddha and the most ferocious Gurkha fighters were born there. To finish this race, you might need both of their spirits.

A subtropical lake night swim, a road bicycle ride with an elevation change of 5,300 meters, and a run through the thin air against the stunning 8,000-meter Annapurna mountains will be the first things you experience.

At a distant homestay village where you will complete the race, folks will get a true sense of Nepali kindness and community. Each athlete and their support team will experience this as a singular journey.

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Livigno Xtreme Triathlon, In Italy

On September 2, 2022, the Livigno Xtreme Triathlon gives you the chance to contend against your competitors and—more notably in a breathtaking Alpine setting. What makes this festival unique is as follows:

You will swim 3.8 kilometers (2.36 miles) in the Lago del Gallo. The water’s temp in September, when the contest is held, ranges from 13°C (55.4°F) to 18°C (64.4°F).

Mountain biking distance of 195 km (121.17 miles): You will gain about 5,000 meters (16,404 feet) in elevation and even cross into Switzerland.

26.22 miles or 42.2 km of running: The race travels through Livigno from Trepalle to Carosello, which is located at 3,000 meters (9,842.5 feet) above sea level.

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Laguna Phuket Triathlon, In Thailand

Even though one of Asia’s top triathlons, that is currently reaching its 26th placement, is held in Phuket, which has long been a favored tourist destination, it’s less known for this. Highlights of the picturesque landscape include the tropical parklands, agro – industries, pineapple farms, beaches, mountains, and shrines that the bike route moves through. After 1,300 meters, the swim has a relatively new Australian outflow across the beach, and then the rivals jump back into the crystal-clear, blue waters for the final 500 meters. Ultimately, the run is a quick and flat course that includes two loops of the resort’s ponds.

Best for: Adding a race to a vacation in a warm climate.

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Alpe D’huez Triathlon, In France

The French energy board kindly decided to shut down the most potent hydroelectric power station in the nation to give swimmers exclusive access to the 700m-high Lac du Verney. The Col d’Ornon (1,375m) and the Col de l’Alpe du Grand Serre (1,375m) are the next two climbs in the full version of the race (1,371m). All of this comes before starting the renowned 21-hairpin upturn to Alpe D’Huez, which Tour de France enthusiasts adore and has slope of up to 14 percent. The icing on the cake is a run at 1,860 meters, the final test.

Best for: Climbing at high altitudes without the strenuous Iron-distance challenge

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Wildflower Experience, In USA

Although there are many more swimming and running competitions than triathlons here, the Wildflower is a lot more than a multi-sport competition; some have even dubbed it the Woodstock of triathlons. But do not let the live music, beer garden, wine flavour, and art bar (where you can paint while sipping champagne, obviously) divert your attention from the main show: the extremely difficult, elite triathlon competition.

With a ridge known as “Nasty Grade” at mile 40, some contend that the mountainous half-Iron course is the hardest of its range in the US. The run includes many difficult trails and concludes with a snide downhill starter to the finish line, which is ideal for draining your quads of any unused strength.

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