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21 Celebrities who love running

Celebrities are privileged to have staff members who take care of everything for them, including walking dogs and making meals. Although, whenever it comes to working out, even a well-known celebrity must do it alone!

Well-known runners are excellent role models, so it’s common for people to adhere to the diets they suggest. And when it comes to dressing up, who hasn’t copied a celebrity’s style? It’s a terrific notion to emulate the running habits of celebrities. Which one of these motivates you the most?

Gordon Ramsay

This famous chef is highly renowned for his great cooking and fury. When things become heated in the kitchen, it’s better to move out of the way, as anyone who has seen Chef Gordon Ramsey rage, shout, and toss pots and pans will attest. He manages some of these outbursts, though, by training for marathons

Ramsay’s best time for finishing the London Marathon is as spectacular as his cooking, which is 4:26:21. In 2014, Gordon Ramsay established the Gordon Ramsay Foundation. His planned donation of £2,000,000 will go to the charities Cancer Research UK, Scottish Spina Bifida Association, and Action Against Hunger.

Will Smith

Will Smith completed the Havana Half Marathon on November 18. It was just another item crossed off his bucket list. People also call the marathon event Marabana. Following a course through Cuba’s capital city streets, the actor finished the race with a final time of 2:29:04, as recorded by the race’s official timekeepers.

Alanis Morissette

Some triathlons under her belt, rock icon Alanis Morissette was ready to take on the marathon in 2009 for the first time. She and her twin brother Wade both completed the Bizz Johnson Marathon. The triathlons are scaled-down copies of what she was doing. It allowed her to push through them no matter how she felt. 

To properly plan for the marathon’s lengthier runs, such as the 14-miler that they scheduled for tomorrow, one needs at least 48 hours notice. Alanis says you must ensure that you get adequate sleep. You need to be careful about what you eat. Simply put, it has a wider scope for people.

Will Ferrell

Ferrell believes running and laughter are excellent forms of medicine. So, he runs marathons continuously throughout the year. He’s ready for the international circuit because his passport is always current. Ferrell is a dedicated competitor who runs marathons worldwide, from New York to Stockholm. He is hoping to beat his 3:56:12 performance from the Boston Marathon.

Joanne Tucker

In 2019, Adam Driver’s wife, actress Joanne Tucker, joined the New York City Marathon. She ran to help raise money for the nonprofit she co-founded with her husband, Arts in the Armed Forces. People report that she finished the race at 4:10:00.

Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys is an outstanding runner and a US singer-songwriter with over 90 million albums sold worldwide. She completed the New York Marathon in 2015 to raise funds for her nonprofit organization, Keep A Child Alive. She found her motivation again after making a promise to herself after completing a marathon event in Greece in 2007. 

She promised herself never to run 26.2 miles again. She declared to Refinery29 that this was her city. It came to her that she never actually ran through the five boroughs despite the many times she’s taken a car. Thus, why not? She completed the race at 5:50:52 and urged her supporters to go running.

Chandra Wilson

After learning that her daughter had mitochondrial disease, Grey’s Anatomy star Chandra Wilson took up running. She participated in the Rock’n’Roll Pasadena 5K in 2013 to generate funds for the CureMito organization.

Ellie Goulding

Ellie Goulding is a British pop star who participated in the 2014 Royal Parks Half Marathon. Her fans noticed her running frequently. She claims not to be diva-ish concerning anything except by always drinking tea and always being capable of fitting in a run. she said in 2013 when asked about how often she runs during her tour.

Jennifer Lawrence

Running is reportedly a part of Jennifer Lawrence‘s preparation for the Hunger Games. In a 2012 interview, she acknowledged that she feared her running technique would be criticized. The thing that worries her the most, according to Lawrence, is that people will tease her about her karate-style running. Unlike most people, she didn’t sprint with her hands clasped. Her hands are as straight as knives because she’s attempting to be aerodynamic.

Mel C (Spice Girls)

Mel C is a former member of the girl group Spice Girls. She doesn’t simply act the part of Sporty Spice; she’s quite the athlete in her own time. She has participated in various races and track competitions, including triathlons. In 2016, she told BBC Good Food that exercises aided in her recovery from an eating issue. She claimed it also helped her establish a positive connection with food.

Reece Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon is the actress who starred in Legally Blonde. She posted on Instagram during lockdown about how much she enjoys running. She urged her followers to take up a 30-day running challenge. The COVID-19 pandemic brought a feeling of togetherness to everyone through running. She epitomized it by sharing her go-to running soundtrack for motivation and her treadmill regimen for cold days.

Tom Cruise

Although Tom Cruise frequently runs in his films, how quickly can he move? Cruise has developed into Hollywood’s top action actor over the past few decades. Many actors in Cruise’s position would be content to allow stunt teams to handle action sequences involving their characters. 

But, Cruise is dedicated to doing as many of these sequences as possible. To satisfy his need for adventure, Tom Cruise consistently puts his health and safety at risk in the Mission: Impossible film series, one reason the franchise expanded to incorporate so much spectacle.

Ryan Reynolds

Though he’s good-looking enough to be in “People” magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive. His humorous and tragic flicks show that he’s capable of much more. Although Canadian Ryan Reynolds acknowledges having run in middle school, his pursuit of a profession in the film eventually took up all of his time. 

But he was inspired to start running again after running into actor and Parkinson’s disease advocate Michael J. Fox. Because his father also had Parkinson’s disease, the entire family got involved in his training for the New York City Marathon in 2008. By finishing at 3:50:22, he made them both proud. Since the birth of his daughter, Ryan Reynolds would gladly be present at the starting line of any marathon helping Parkinson’s charity.

Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake is a top-selling pop/R&B artist and six-time Grammy winner. He is well aware of his acting ventures’ skepticism. His speech proved his love for running after starting as Will Salas in Andrew Niccol’s movie. The character he portrayed tries to survive after waking up with just 23 hours to live. 

He remarked that he had never run as much before portraying the role. He had to explicitly train and run to train in preparation for shooting the movie. But, he didn’t care about working long, hard hours. He said he had never portrayed a character he genuinely admired as much as this one. The character is daring, and he wishes he could be that bold. Even after the movie, he tries to go on a run whenever he gets the chance.

Hugh Jackman

Hugh Michael Jackman is an Australian entertainer. He is a “triple threat” since he’s a great actor, singer, and dancer. He was possibly most known for his theatrical musicals and action films.

The actor used a stunning beach to maintain his sculpted figure. It gave the idea that he was taking advantage of the wonderful springtime weather. He was notable for continuing to run even after he reached the chilly waters of Sag Harbor Beach. He ultimately found his way back to land and resumed his training there. It’s also no news that he helped his best friend lose 30kg in preparation for a marathon.

Flea (Red Hot Chili Peppers)

The Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist picked up jogging in 2010 after reading Christopher McDougall’s Born to Run. The idea that we should use our bodies for their true function when we run deeply touched him. He decided to train for a marathon to benefit the Silverlake Conservatory of Music. Since then, Flea has participated in various races. He also claims running is good for his mental and emotional health.

Eddie Izzard

Eddie Izzard, a seasoned runner, ran 31 marathons in 31 days in January. She had previously accomplished a similar accomplishment for Sport Relief in 2009 and Nelson Mandela’s honor in 2016. She utilizes her platform to support charity organizations. She is no stranger to a difficult endeavor. She had an interview while running her 20th marathon of the program — a virtual Helsinki 26.2. The interview featured her talking about slogging, politics, and coming out as trans.

Travis Baker (Blink 182)

The drummer for Blink-182 began running regularly after learning that he would soon become a father for the first time. According to him, it gives him the impression that they can handle everything life throws at them. He never runs out of energy. His two children keep him young at heart. Running deserves so much thanks for that.

Bear Grylls

During his military training, the presenter of Man vs. Wild had to run. Also, after a brief vacation, he resumed running to stay in condition for television. He claims that he has come to truly appreciate jogging. As part of his training, he runs for approximately 40 minutes 3 times weekly in a mountainous region of North Wales.

Karlie Kloss

Karlie Kloss, a fashion model, finished the 2017 New York City Marathon in 4 hours, 41 minutes, and 49 seconds. When asked by Popsugar about her life goals, she replied that if she could do that, then she could do anything. She’s run multiple races since saying that she enjoys what running provides for her. She claims it gives her the ability to do it anywhere, anytime.

Mick Jagger

Mick continues to be an avid runner. He occasionally covers about 8 miles daily while alternating between long runs and shorter sprints. He increases distances as though preparing for a marathon while getting ready for a tour. It enables him to perform on stage without becoming out of breath.


Numerous celebrities have demonstrated their talent in the running by participating in marathons. Some even shared their daily routines that involved running. Some celebrities flaunt their exceptional skills whenever possible. It doesn’t matter if they were born with them or developed them through extensive training. These celebrities are excellent at acting but also have significant real-world skills.

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