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How to make running a habit

The “runner’s high” phenomenon will begin to take hold of you after some weeks of jogging. To slumber while on the road, you’ll have to be more disciplined than you are to work out. During that period, the feel-good hormones will flood your brain.

But until then, it could be challenging to push yourself outside the door. And relying solely on willpower is ineffective. Trying to force yourself to accomplish anything puts a lot of effort into your willpower. Willpower is a finite resource for everyone. Willpower deteriorates as you grow weary, under the influence of stress or fatigue. It also reduces when several activities appeal to you compared to running.

Here are some pointers for developing the habit of running. When you workout often, it just feels more natural. It doesn’t require as much willpower when you don’t want to do anything.

Sign up for a race

Perhaps you’ve never ever attended a road race, much less taken part in one. Setting a significant goal for yourself is a really motivating method to stay with your habit. It does not matter if you are a frequent runner or have never ran up to a mile.

Getting at the starting line is more important if you’ve made the financial commitment to participate in a competition. As a bonus, having a certain date in mind helps you arrange your training to achieve a specified objective.

If this is your first time competing in a race, opt for a local event with a smaller field. To increase motivation to train, experts advise runners to tell their friends and family about their decision to prepare for a race. If others are encouraging you, you’ll be more inclined to continue.

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Track your progress

Recording your exercises is essential for maintaining your activity level. You can choose to use an app or paper and pen, depending on which you prefer. When you keep track of your workouts, you can see how far you’ve come—and how far you have to go. It also provides a means of determining if you are doing enough or not enough. If you want to prevent injury and fatigue, you should never increase your distance by over 10% in a week.

Also, you have the option to record information. You can keep a record of the weather, the time of day, your diet, and the amount of sleep you got the night before. You can start observing patterns to determine what makes for good training and competition.

Get social

Running is a sport where numbers can be motivating. Joining a jogging group or asking friends or coworkers to jog with you can help you make running a habit. Running with others who share your aims can be more exciting than running by yourself. You will be aware that someone else is counting on you to turn up. Just make sure the person you’re jogging with can keep up with your pace. The injury might result at a pace that is too slow or fast.

Expanding online might also increase your motivation to go out and meet people. Most runners record their runs on social media. When things go tough, they rely on encouraging words from others to keep them going.

Women Running
Source: Unsplash.com / Rinke Dohmen

Start off slow

You may initially be happy to run at a breakneck pace. But, if you want to make running a habit, it’s best to take things slowly and steadily. Allowing oneself to start running at a reasonable speed will help your body build endurance. Your body builds endurance through running at a moderate speed. It can also help you avoid getting injured.

Building up to a specific distance is more important than aiming to reach it right away. Many beginning runners find it intimidating to consider running a 5k. Don’t get overwhelmed; take each day as it comes and does just a little bit more than you did yesterday. As a result of these incremental improvements, you will soon be able to run longer distances.

Keep it fresh

Who is to say that you must always run the same trail? Hanging up your running trails can make you want to do them more. You can have a change of scenery by discovering new running trails. Get a friend, do some local trail research, and go exploring.

Another entertaining method? Buy new equipment for yourself. It might be brand-new footwear, eccentrically printed tights, or a neon-hued blouse. You can check out your neighborhood running store to locate the ideal running outfit for you. It’s okay if they are adorable, so you anticipate wearing them on your run.

Plan it right

Neglecting your physical fitness when managing a career, children, or both is easy. It’s possible to fit in an exercise even if your schedule is jam-packed with other commitments. Every week, write down the dates and times of your workouts in your planner. Be sensible. Don’t plan your runs for 6:00 a.m. if you aren’t a morning person. You need to understand that you’ll probably fall asleep before waking up to set your alarm.

Other ways to make running a priority:

  • Be flexible: There would be days your schedule wouldn’t allow for the time you planned to spend. You can try running for as long as your schedule permits on those days.
  • Be ready: If you intend to go for morning run, prepare your clothes the previous night. If you intend running at work, arrange your workout clothes and running shoes.
  • Be honest: Tell people your objectives and ask them to support you. You can seek assistance from your partner, parents, family, neighbors, friends, or coworkers. They will help ensure that you set aside a training period and keep your commitment.


It’s difficult to develop any habit, let alone a running habit. However, you can develop your running habit using the steps discussed in this article. There’s no need to stop here. You can get a workbook that’ll help you keep up your running habit.

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