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Types of running races 

Running is an age long sport that people world over, both young and old have engaged in. It helps us to keep fit and maintain great overall health. We may choose to run against each other to test our speed or run alone for fun.

Running offers a great avenue for challenging ourselves in training especially in preparation for a competition. It is an activity that is globally recognized. Some of the athletes usually receive monetary awards and sponsorships.

Whether you are a novice or an experienced is valuable to know all the types of runs available for us to incorporate within our workout. It is however important that we choose the best running style for ourselves. There are very many racing options available for us to choose from. 

Repeating the same run over time creates boredom. These types of runs help to break monotony and provide more challenging workouts to runners

We hope that this blog will help us to identify the various running styles available and the best choice for us in order to avoid injuries. 

Fun runs 

This style of running is great for beginners and is a great choice for people who are looking to improve their fitness but do not necessarily enjoy running. 

Fun runs are usually built around a theme in order to remove focus on the exercise and instead just enjoy the event and focus on the goal of the exercise. 

This type of run is characteristically 5km or less. The theme may vary from charity to paint runs. We can always find fun runs to engage in within our communities. 

Fun runs may involve wearing costumes and eating a plate of hot pepper noodles at every marked distance within a mile. 

Awards received in this type of race are commonly T-shirts and certificates of attendance. Some of these runs are also sponsored by big multinationals as a form of corporate social responsibility.

5k races 

It is important to choose the right workout plan when we decide to run the 5k race. This race covers 5000m. Though beginners can participate in this run it is usually recommended for experienced runners who may be keen on improving their speed and preparing to compete in much longer races. 

If we consistently exercise for at least 3 times a week then we can be ready for a 5k run.  For beginners, an 8 week training program is more realistic. The 5k offers runners the chance for a fun workout and an easy goal to achieve. The 5k run helps us to achieve a healthy lifestyle while minimizing the chances of injury. 

Runners in this type of race are usually awarded and there are also distinct awards given to winners. Awards may vary from medals to cash. 5k races are one of the most popular races and can be run both locally and internationally.  5k races are the most popular races and are very easy to come across locally.

10k races 

This is a more serious race and we can only take part in this race if we are experienced runners. The 10k race covers a distance of 6 miles. They are however not as popular as 5k races and are very hard to come across globally. 

It takes about an hour to complete the 10k race. We have to choose the right work out to avoid overworking your muscles when preparing for this race. 

Half marathon races 

The half marathon is approximately 13 miles and is ideal for novice runners.  It is the fastest growing race in recent times. To be able to tackle this type of run, we should be able to cover at least 5 miles continuously without stopping. This race is great for people who are used to 10k races and want to improve on speed and train for marathons. 

Half marathons call for intense preparations. It is also important to hydrate more and have the right nutrition for this race. The maximum time it takes to cover the half marathon is about 4 hours. 

Marathon races 

A marathon 26 miles. It calls for high endurance and high mental discipline. It is important as we brief ourselves on the route details before the race and the refreshing and aid stations. 

While this type of run tests a runner’s resolve and stamina, it is possible to also have fun when engaging in this race. These races are usually acknowledged globally. An example of a popular marathon race is the Boston Marathon. 

Marathons require at least 15 weeks to train before the race. Marathons may need us to have a qualifying finish time in order to be allowed to take part. 

Marathon Race

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Ultra marathon 

This type of run is longer than the marathon. This race is very challenging and novices cannot take part in it. This race is usually between 30 and 100 miles. This race targets the toughest runners in the world. It is ideal for seasoned runners within the field. 

Ultra marathon races vary in distance and we have to be keen when determining the distance we choose. We should consider the terrain and temperature when choosing the ultramarathon to run. 

This race also requires great planning. We should carry our own essentials though they are  provided , the distance in between may be more longer than the average race. It is important that we plan accordingly. 

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Trail running races 

A trail race has varying distances. This race helps us to enjoy the beautiful natural scenery around us. It is great for people who enjoy unpredictability. This is because there are no two trails that resemble each other. 

The main difference between a trail race and other types of the races is the trail covered. Rail races are usually run on dirty surfaces and offroads. This race is for those who do not mind getting dirty. Some trail races go through hills and mountains. 

The location of trail races also varies and we should study the route first to ensure that it is suitable for us. This race can be compared to cross country racing . People favor this type of race because of the absence of traffic. 

Trial Race

Obstacle races 

This is an old style of racing that has been growing in popularity with time. We are able to enjoy this race if only we love challenging ourselves. This races are for people with great endurance and stamina as there are many obstacles in the way. 

There are three main types of obstacle races. This includes the tough mudder, warrior dash and Spartan sprint. The Spartan race is the only timed obstacle race covering a distance of 3.5 miles. 

The Spartan race consists of at least 15 obstacles. Any obstacle missed in the race attracts a penalty of 30 burpees or push ups. 

The tough mudder is not timed and covers 12 miles making it the longest obstacle run. There are at least 12 obstacles within this race and they typically consist of mud and cold water challenges. There are no penalties in this race. 

The warrior dash is a 3 mile event that covers 12 obstacles. This race typically includes crawling through mud puddles 50 yard long to reach the finish line. There are no penalties in this  obstacle race. 


This is an event that incorporates swimming, cycling and racing. We race on the last part of the exercise. It is found in various categories such as the duathlons and aquabike. It is important that we choose the most suitable triathlon because there are several and we cannot indulge in all of them at a go. Triathlon is great for people who want to involve their muscles with more than just running and push their body further.  

Triathlons commonly consist of a 1500 m swim, 24 mile bike ride and a 10k race. This sport is not reserved for only the elite. It is a race that we all can run in and improve our overall fitness. 

Though it consists of many exercises the constant factor remaining is that at least 2 activities take place in the race. To be able to complete this race you have to have all the necessary materials such as a bike, helmet and tri-suit. This ensures safety during the triathlon.

Triathlon Race

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Bottom line

We hope that this article has provided critical and valuable information on the type of races available and we can include them in our training program to make it more fun and challenging. 

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